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The game is based on the theme protectors of nature Captain Delta was made to love and gaurd nature but the greedy militants stole it's life energy now delta must hurry to save it before they use it.

The diversifier used in this game are 

Endless Cycle Death isn't the end but rather an important part of gameplay by dying player only loses limited ammount of energy but restores the pace to take control and build the rythm again! By dying player learns to observe patterns of attack and in turn finishing the game!

Run! The player must try to keep high paced as the difficulty will keep increasing with time which will challenge players or make them die even more often !

Art and programming done under jam period by Akshansh Kanojia (me) , made in unity engine , From India

Game is made in 52h jam period.


W to jump A and D to move S to descend faster

Space to shoot 

Install instructions

Download rar file and extract it.


Captain Delta Run.rar 24 MB


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Thanks for trying it

Great Game DEV 💯👍


Thanks for playing hope you liked it